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The Third Eye organizes events such as our annual conclave 'Elevate'; Press Conferences; and Cultural Gatherings for the purpose of featuring or promoting ideas in entertainment education.


The Third Eye conducts briefings for creators in the field of entertainment, featuring panels with experts from various disciplines to provide a holistic debate. These panels hope to enrich participant's work with depth and insight on the given topic.


In conducting inquiries, the Third Eye conducts meetings for creators with expert(s) in the field of the inquiry made in person, over the phone; or over web platforms like skype. The Third Eye also arranges meetings between individuals and groups to facilitate synergy and collaboration on projects.

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Asian Centre for Entertainment Education (ACEE) and its flagship program The Third Eye, partnered with Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) to conduct 5 filmmaking workshops with young adolescents in various regions in the State of Bihar.
ACEE held a training program for young filmmakers for the implementation of the program in urban as well as rural Bihar. The children made five films to express their hopes, anxieties and fears about issues surrounding Drinking Water and Sanitation and where the problems that they face, intersect with the issues with regard to Gender.
Impact Evaluation (IE), both quantitative and qualitative studies, were carried before, during and after the making of the films, to gauge how the process of making the films changed the participants behaviours and attitudes towards the issues they were addressing in their films, as well as to determine the ways in which creative interactions that took place over a period of 4 days each, impacted their surrounding communities.

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