About Elevate

Asian Centre for Entertainment Education and its flagship program, The Third Eye’s bi-annual conclave, ELEVATE, was launched in July 2013 as a platform for thought leaders and specialists to share their experiences with creative communities in the business of media and entertainment.

The Third Eye Project is a collaborative endeavor between the Asian Center for Entertainment Education India and Hollywood, Health and Society (HH&S) at the Norman Lear Center, University of Southern California.


Elevate 2k18

The one-day annual conclave is a platform for journalists, writers, authors, producers, directors, networks and studio executives to meet experts, specialists and social scientists and to participate in interactive sessions to discuss contemporary ideas and concepts.

AIM: The aim of hosting this exchange between creative communities and specialists annually, is to create those synergies between them that will enrich storytelling with realism and will therefore influence social norms surrounding issues related to health, sustainable development and environment among Indian diversities.

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Who’s Coming?

Global leaders from the industries of entertainment and academia have participated in ELEVATE over the last four years. It is expected that the attendance at ELEVATE 2018, which is being scheduled around the last week of January 2018, over 500 representatives from creative communities, development professionals and academics will be attending.


What’s in store?

Elevate 2K18 will host panel discussions, workshops, talks and interactions for creative communities from the media and entertainment industry to engage with development and legal luminaries, social scientists and experts from across a spectrum of disciplines.

The day’s program will end with an awards ceremony in which writers, producers, journalists and authors who have produced mainstream works, which have had a deep impact on audiences/readers will be rewarded. A jury, a mix of eminent creative leaders and specialists, who will judge the entries, which have been curated by The Third Eye program, will select the winners. This time around we are inviting exciting musicians and other performing artists to spice up the event. Be sure not to miss it!

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