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General Questions

Scriptwriters/Screenwriters, Authors, Creative Agencies, Documentary Film makers, Producers, Directors, Journalists. The Third Eye support all creative professionals.

The Third Eye offers its services to all creative professionals even if they are not attached to a current project associated with a network/studio. The Third Eye assists writers that are currently in the development stage of future projects as well.

The Third Eye provides accurate facts that may or may not directly influence your storylines but eradicate all possibilities of conveying inaccurate messages through your content. Also equipped with a set of creative minds, The Third Eye, can interact on a creative basis and help with ideation and strategically place key messaging points in your content.

The project offers information on issues that range from medical information, legal questions, to social insights by phone and email. We consult with the various experts from The Third Eye database and respond to your query in the shortest possible time.

You can forward follow up questions to the team at The Third Eye that will contact the relevant experts and provide you with the information as and when required.

You can consult with the relevant expert on our database. The Third Eye will also locate a specific speciality expert who can respond to your query in the shortest possible time. This could be just one or two days.

You can speak to an expert via The Third Eye team. The conversation can be facilitated through a 3 way phone conversation, Skype call or through email.

General Questions

Consultations are a Free-on-Demand service. For other services such as Story Bus Tours, The Third Eye organises specialised itinerary from time to time and some on-demand from groups as well.

You can like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @TheThirdEyeACEE for updates on our activities. You can also visit us regularly at for more information.

As a part of the program we also conduct specific topic briefings for groups of writers. Please contact us at 022 - 652 666 20 or email to discuss the possibility of arranging a specific briefing.

You can attend monthly briefings on contemporary topics relevant to the health, legal and social scenario. You can be put on our mailing list, where you will be informed of the events planned on a regular basis. You can join our mailing list by writing in to

No, the plot can be as per the writer's desire. However, all projects in some aspects do contain medical, legal and sustainable development issues through their plots and sub-plots. The accuracy required to address these facts is of importance and thus The Third Eye supports all projects.

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