Screenings: The Third Eye program organizes screenings of films through mobile vans and by leveraging its networks of Government and Non-Government Organizations, to reach out to audiences beyond the orbit of entertainment and in media dark areas with the primary purpose of engaging with excluded and under-privileged communities with content which is relevant to their lives and concerns. In the past five years, ACEE and The Third Eye program team have conducted over a 100 screenings among different rural and urban communities in India.

Panel Discussions: SUPERNOVA, a series of interactive sessions between creative communities from the world of films, television and advertising and panels of experts, are interactive sessions organized by team ACEE regularly. Issues that are addressed range from the Maternal & Child Health Care issues in India with special focus on Pre and Post Natal Care, to Pollution and Climate Change, Environment, Sustainable Developments and Gender. Each panel is designed to bring together diverse thought leaders to comment on one important issue at a time so that writers and content creators engage with multiple perspectives and are able to develop ideas and stories that emerge from the personal experiences of experts.


Biannual Conclave:
Elevate 2013 saw 250 writers and thought leaders meet and discuss strategies for incorporating key rights issues in their works of entertainment that captivates large audiences, which they are able to influence and inspire. The event comprised of Panel Discussions and a Writers’ Workshop.
The first panel discussion was moderated by Sandra Buffington, Director, Hollywood Health and Society (HH&S) who, in conversation with film writer Karen Tenkoff and television writer Carol Barbee spoke on how to integrate social issues in films and television.
The second panel discussion was moderated by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who discussed the various ways in which entertainment can be enriched with realism without disturbing the commercial aspects, with writers from Hollywood and Bollywood.
This was followed by a workshop for scriptwriters that showcased methods of integrating key health, sustainable development and climate change issues with entertainment, which was led by writers and producers from both Hollywood and the Indian Film & Television Industries.
Specialist doctors Dr. Jayanti Singh and Dr. Kirti Rayamane gave their inputs on family planning and immunization.
The Writer’s Workshop in the second half of the day was conducted by dividing participants into groups led by Writers Carol Barbee, Karen Tenkoff and Vinta Nanda, Managing Director, Asian Center for Entertainment Education. 250 writers attended the workshop and each group came up with stories on Health and Sanitation in rural India.

Elevate 2015 was held on Thursday, March 5, 2015 in association with The Club – Andheri, with University of Leeds and Hollywood, Health & Society, University of Southern California. Elevate 2015 was organised to coincide with the International Women’s Day. Attended by Indian Film and Television Writers, Producers and Directors of repute, the daylong program comprised of two panel discussions and a felicitation ceremony.
The 1st Panel of the conclave, moderated by Garry Lyons, Director of Impact & Innovation, School of Performance & Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds, UK, was titled- ‘Bringing Creative Communities and Experts Closer’, which consisted of a discussion of the role Doctors, Lawyers, Health, Climate Change and Social Scientists play in the Creation of Content & how audiences, primarily women, as well as content creators get empowered through the process.
The Panelist were - Gajra Kothari, Writer, Sanjay Tripathy, Writer and Producer, Suhail Tatari, Director, Deepa Sahi, Producer and Actor, Dr Sanjiv Badhwar, Head, ENT Surgery, Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Dr Nikhil Datar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Lawyer, and Dr Lata Shenava, Social Scientist.
Panel 2 saw filmmakers, writers, and experts share their views, opinions and experiences on the need for accuracy and authenticity in the portrayal of health, legal, social and sustainable development issues that range from gender equality and environment to human rights. From recounting the glaring and sometimes humorous situations portrayed in films and television programs, to highlighting the need for the correct information to be shown, the group was unanimous in its insistence on backing all media productions with realism. The eclectic group also spoke of the scope, and far-reaching impact of media and how that confers immense responsibility on the content creator.
The 2nd Panel of the Conclave was moderated by Mahesh Bhatt, Author, Activist, Filmmaker and Writer, and was titled ‘Creating Synergies Between Regulatory Bodies and Industry Leaderships’. The discussion was about the roles that regulatory authorities play to look ahead in time and to create a vision for creative communities, thus empowering audiences. Panel 2 consisted of Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Former Chairperson of Reliance Entertainment Ltd., Amit Khanna, Filmmaker, Sudhir Mishra, Filmmaker Ketan Mehta, Senior Film Critic and Writer Bhawana Somaaya, and President of ITA Anu Ranjan.
The group discussed and debated the relevance of regulatory bodies in contemporary times, deliberate on the changing landscape of contemporary media and the best possible ways to ensure a balance between the expression of creativity and the mechanisms in society that demand a regulation. They spoke about the need to change with the times and the importance of upholding freedom of expression in a fast-evolving social ambience.
The panel discussion was followed by a felicitation ceremony where The Third Eye program felicitated Producers, Directors and Writers of Films and Television Serials including which carried socially relevant messages that have had a profound impact upon audiences, and experts who volunteered their time in support of writers by providing insights and experiences that enriched narratives and brought realism to storytelling.
Elevate 2018 is in the making. The theme for the next conclave is #DontCompromise
Stay tuned!