The Web Resource Centre is a platform that hosts information about the program, its services, accomplishments and goals.    
The Daily Eye  is a web news portal where prominent writers from the entertainment industry along with core members of The Third Eye regularly publish their articles on a myriad of relevant and trending topics. The content team at ACEE also curates and publishes inspiring stories from the web on various issues and topics related to Hollywood, Bollywood, Alternative Entertainment, Film and Music Festivals, Health, Human Rights, Gender, Sustainable Development and Environment. These stories are shared on our vibrant social media pages (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) and through the weekly newsletter ‘The Eye of the Storm’, which are released to a large database of leading media, entertainment and development sector professionals, as well as to eminent social scientists and activists. 
The Daily Eye TV is a very recent launch and it showcases content generated when mentors conduct filmmaking workshops with adolescents in media dark areas of India and in which the participants make their own films. The OTT platform also shares all the powerful content that it produces during events and workshops conducted regularly. The Daily Eye TV’s aim is to build on a platform, which delivers credible and equitable content to audiences as well as to frontline workers who utilize storytelling as a tool for communication.