Direct Engagement

At ACEE, the major attempt is to take content beyond the screen to direct engagement with audiences. Part of The Third Eye’s mission is the empower local communities, not just through media exposure, but through focus groups as well as the training of local adolescents and youth leaders to conduct screenings and workshops. The model facilitates empowerment through awareness and independence, nurturing a sense of participation and community with the local population. Research and impact assessment is also carried out. The focus of this approach is to create replicable models accounting for the cultural nuances and dynamics in various regions, in a continually evolving process.

We conduct film-making workshops for children and adolescents in media-dark areas, so as to give them an opportunity to bring out their aspirations and anxieties in the form of short-films. The children are trained by the Filmmakers/Mentors at ACEE in various filmmaking techniques and facilitated to direct, produce, act and create their very own short-films on issues that affect them the most.