The Asian Centre for Entertainment Education (ACEE) was co-founded by Vinta Nanda and Augustine Veliath in 2012.

Vinta Nanda Nanda has produced over 16 long running TV serials as Director at Tracinema Limited in the mainstream business and more than another 8 in the model of Entertainment Education/Edutainment since 1991 in the Public Broadcast space and in partnership with the  Government of India, UNICEF, VHAI, USAID, Johns Hopkins University and other international organisations. She has produced, directed and written the film 'White Noise' which was released in 2005 and has also produced and directed over 25 documentary films on various social issues. She was the president of the NGO, Project SMITA (Social Mobilisation and Information for Timely Action) from 1989 to 2006. She headed Content Strategy and Programming for 16 channels at Zee Network from 1999 to 2002 where she was the Director Ideation.
Augustine Veliath had worked with the UN for over 30 years before he retired and established ACEE. He is a Communications Expert and Social Scientist. He has spent several years of his career in the Indian States of  UP and Bihar, and continues as a Communications Consultant to the  Ministries of Rural Development and Education, in both the States.

Our Work

The Asian Centre for Entertainment Education was co-founded in the year 2012 and the Third Eye program, a partnership between ACEE and Hollywood Health and Society (HH&S), was launched in March 2013 at FICCI Frames, the most prestigious annual conclave of the industry of entertainment in India. The Third Eye Program follows the HH&S model in India.

The Program partnered with content creators of popular entertainment in India and assisted creative teams by building platforms for discussions between them and experts from across various fields like social sciences, health and environment.

The Program has consulted on over 250 story-lines on mainstream entertainment and facilitated accuracy in the discourse on various issues like Family Planning, Reproductive Maternal and Child Health, Cancer, Mental Health and Environment/Climate Change.

We have organised various activities in the past which have enriched us as an organisation and have provided us with ample learning experiences to take the cause of entertainment education further. Some of those interesting happenings were;


The Third Eye screened films in media dark areas with the purpose of raising awareness on issues on Health, Gender, Legal, Health, Sustainable Development, Environment, Social etc. As a follow up, qualitative and quantitative data were collected before and after the screening to ascertain the changes in attitudes and practices. This data was mapped in order to engineer a holistic understanding of the dynamics related to these issues across various rural and semi-rural areas all around India. The research is evaluative and is able to tangibly quantify the impact the various interventions have made.


The Third Eye Program has consulted on two Medical Drama’s Hamari Sister Didi set in rural India on the Free-to-Air channel Sony Pal, and Roshni, a drama in an urban setting on the Digital Channel Life OK. The Program provided case studies to inspire the writing of the series, coordinated whetting of scripts with volunteer experts, and facilitated video referencing to bring realism to the narrative. The creative team at ACEE developed the Message Design and aligned with the team of writers to make the process of interventions seamless. In partnership with HH&S, the Program developed the research strategy and tools, and conducted a study in five cities in the State of Uttar Pradesh, to measure the impact of specific interventions made to the main story-line of the series.


Supernova – Free-to-Attend monthly briefings were held where experts from the field of medicine, social development and media addressed a wide variety of socially relevant issues. Giving different perspectives on an issue gives the writers a greater understanding of the issues that they are addressing in their content.


We facilitated experts from various fields to answer the queries of writers & content creators and offer them their perspective. They would share case examples and real stories from the fields of medicine, law, and social development, providing varied perspectives on the chosen topic, which served to enrich the storyline and add value to the content through the dialogue.

Story Bus Tours

The Third Eye arranged excursions for creative leaderships such as networks and studios, as well as writers and content creators to remote rural regions in order to acquaint them with grassroot realities in order to enrich their work with accuracy and realism in their portrayal of various ethnicities.

Even as we continue to organise these activities, ACEE’s scope of work has evolved over a period of time. You can find the list of activities/ services we undertake currently in the SERVICES section.