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"As now a day's it is difficult to get internship in any production house which not only provides a good knowledge but also guidelines towards a better future. I am very thankful to Ms. Vinta Nanda for providing me an opportunity to work with her and learn many new things from her. My journey in ACEE was really a thrill ride. As I learned so many things about the issues what people are facing and also the solution for them. Also I had an opportunity to learn script writing, preparing daily news updates and updating online data. Shiv Bhalla, Pratik Punjabi, Kopal Khanna, Mrs. Deepa Bhalerao and Ankit Tiwari were there with us whenever we needed and also helped me with there various projects and works . Our Mentor and staffs were friendly with us and also shared a good relationship with them. Also I appreciated there effort towards us. Vinta mam encouraged us to achieve our goals and learn more and more things which will help us in our future. I am very thankful to ACEE for providing me such a great opportunity in which I learned many things about media and issues which were faced by our society . A work is never done by one person. It is done by a team that is what I have learned from ACEE."