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"It is very difficult for any student to find an internship these days. Anyone who aims to do well in the field of Mass Communication needs to have experience in that field firsthand. This is where ACEE came in for me. I was very thankful for Mrs. Vinta Nanda whom we met during a film festival and asked for an opportunity to work with her, she graciously accepted. My time in ACEE was an unforgettable one. I learnt so may things about so many issues that today act as my guide. Various aspects of work like script writing, online content management, incorporating health issues into scripts for the audience were some of the many things I learnt working for the organisation. Our superiors Shiv Bhalla, Pratik Punjabi and Kopal Khanna were there with us all along. Every assignment was well explained by Mrs. Deepa Bhalerao. The office staff were very friendly too. Most importantly Mrs. Vinta Nanda appreciated our work everytime and was always encouraging us to archive what we want in the future. ACEE i believe will be very helpful for everyone and will continue to be so."