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Intern at ACEE (May – June 2017)

"Working at ACEE has been a wonderful experience. Asian Center for Entertainment Education stands true to its name, it provides you with an opportunity to work, learn, and have fun at the same time. Although it is a 10 to 6 job but the mood and the atmosphere will not tell you that. As Mr Hussain, the COO of the organization said, ‘It's like a second family’. I worked here as an intern and got a lot of opportunity to explore and enhance my skills. I did not only get to do the desk job but also go to different organizations and interact with people who are experts in their particular field, for research purposes. Doing that was an insightful experience as media being such a strong medium is used so little. This organization values each and everyone's hard work and gives equal opportunity to their employees. ACEE asks for your talent and sets you free to do all kinds of experiments with it, but for the organization, of course! It is rare to find that in any corporate job. ACEE has been doing an inspirational job in using the power of media as a platform for entertainment as well as spread knowledge and information to the masses, what better way to work for the people and for yourself!"