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Intern at ACEE (April – May 2015)

"I was fortunate to work as a first intern at ACEE-The Third Eye. I learned so much from the calibre and talent of professionals at this initiative. They are true to its mission and goals, ‘to equip Indian content creators with relevant information and tools on key health, legal, gender and social issues in an effort to create awareness, shift attitude and measure impact around these issues’. They have brought together professionals from the various fields of medicine, education, environment, creative media, and films. It is a platform with the judicious blend of thoughtful ideas to create awareness on issues that matter to the well-being of society and environment. It was a great opportunity to work with Ms. Vinta Nanda, Deepa Bhalerao and other staff members also the experience helped me to grow in my career. I greatly admire their social cause initiatives and mentorship around writing a storyline inspired by real stories, social script support, story bus tours, and other CSR activities."