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Intern at ACEE (April – May 2016)

"My experience as an ACEE intern can be summed up in one word, educating. From working under experienced members like Vinta Nanda and Deepa Bhalerao, whose knowledge about the television world and social causes, rub off on someone like me who had a lot to learn to like-minded individuals like Shiv, Pratik and Kopal, who showed a level of maturity and intellect far more than their age conveyed. Anand sir and Mangesh sir also helped in providing a helpful environment with their help with their knowledge in the website making and updating skills. My interning experience with ACEE, helped me to be confident in pitching ideas and moreover, helped me learn to be a more challenging and wise individual. ACEE provides a platform that is friendly, frank, enriching and most of all, unlimited opportunities that would help in your future. Being associated with an organization that has been touched and blessed by dignitaries like Mahesh Bhatt not only helps in giving a boost to your self-confidence but also to your CV. Also, my fellow interns (Navneet, Gayathri, Krishna, Pranoy, Akshay) helped in providing a competitive yet enjoyable experience as each of us were able to work and regard each other at not only a personal but also professional level of respect. In the end, I would like to say that being the first batch of interns, we may or may not have left big shoes to fill, but I sincerely hope that the future interns not only make those shoes that we left bigger with their own experience, but also are able to regard their