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Intern at ACEE (June – July 2017)

Walking into ACEE was like transcending into a different realm. I had a short stint here but it thoroughly became a defining period of my life. The ACEE Team is always driven with an energy so striking, makes you feel it's unreal. The goal-oriented team that they are, working with ACEE is an experience of its kind. I express my gratitude to everyone for their guidance and especially Vinta Ma'am on account of this platform. I owe a very crucial faction of thanks to Aakansha Ma'am on picking me up, showing confidence in me and mentoring me through every thick and thin. Her indefatigable zeal and work ethics are life lessons to be emulated. When it comes to ideas and work, Denver, Anand Sir and Vishal are always geared up for delivering perfection. I save my heartfelt thanks for Hussain Sir, Sukanya Ma'am and of course Saddam. All in all, engaging with this power-packed team and being a part of their drive to splice entertainment and education is an unparalleled experience.